Berlin on New Year’s Eve 1930/31. People are drinking and dancing in the bars. Life should be as the song of the hour celebrates it: A day like gold! Away from the gutter, factory owner Nyssen toasts with bigwigs from politics and the Reichswehr – he has a dream of conquering the moon. But what the new year will bring is not written in the stars. While the underworld around Walter Weintraub goes into a bloody war for the domination of the city, the future of the Weimar Republic is decided on the streets, in the party headquarters and also in the editorial offices of the fascist press. The SA thugs under their leader Walther Stennes demonstrated their will to power ever more brutally. Stennes’ men also declared war on the SS, which is protected by Regierungsrat Wendt and controlled from Munich. Gereon Rath is caught between all fronts. While his mission to free the journalist Katelbach at the side of the courageous Mrs. Behnke draws ever wider circles, Rath gets into mortal danger and loses the trust of his most important ally Charlotte Ritter. Together with her sister Toni, she uncovers the machinations of the “White Hand”, a secret vigilante organization. The unofficial investigation will change both their lives. That of the now grown-up Toni, robbed of all illusions, as well as that of the clever and yet death-defying Charlotte.

The fourth season of BABYLON BERLIN is based on Volker Kutscher’s novel “Goldstein. Twelve new episodes promise a reunion with many familiar characters. Alongside them, we experience grandiose exhibition fights in the boxing clubs of the underworld, sweaty dance marathons in the Moka Efti and the catacombs of the Rote Burg, the police headquarters where all the threads come together. At the same time, the fourth season takes a new look at the powder keg that is Berlin. It is the view of Abraham Goldstein. The American has returned to find a stolen jewel from his father. The search takes him from his Jewish relatives in the Scheunenviertel to the chambers of the Nyssen family. Rather incidentally, Goldstein ignites a gang war, in the course of which the structure of the underworld changes from the ground up. And Inspector Rath does not suspect that the pact with the devil reignites the fight against his inner demons. The journey into the night has just begun.

“Babylon Berlin” is a production of X Filme Creative Pool in co-production with ARD Degeto, Sky and Beta Film. Editors in charge of “Babylon Berlin” are Christoph Pellander and Carolin Haasis (ARD Degeto), Frank Jastfelder and Lucia Vogdt (Sky Deutschland). Producers for X Filme are Stefan Arndt, Uwe Schott and Michael Polle, co-producers for Beta Film are Jan Mojto, Dirk Schürhoff and Moritz Herzogenberg.


The current season was supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and the German Motion Picture Fund.

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Production Companies

X Filme Creative Pool

ARD Degeto


Beta Film

Co-Producers Beta Film

Jan Mojto

Dirk Schürhoff

Moritz Herzogenberg


Christine Strobel (ARD Degeto)

Thomas Schreiber (ARD Degeto)

Christoph Pellander (ARD Degeto)

Carolin Haasis (ARD Degeto)

Marcus Ammon (Sky)

Frank Jastfelder (Sky)

Lucia Vogdt (Sky)

Line Producer

Achim von Borries

Henk Handloegten

Tom Tykwer


Achim von Borries

Bettine von Borries

Henk Handloegten

Khayana El Bitar

Tom Tykwer

Nach dem Roman GOLDSTEIN von Volker Kutscher


Christian Almesberger

Bernd Fischer

Philipp Haberlandt


Stefan Soltau

Bernhard Joest

Klaus-Peter Schmitt

Sound design

Frank Kruse

Alexander Buck

Matthias Lempert

Production Design

Uli Hanisch

Costume Design

Pierre-Yves Gayraud

Hair and Make-Up

Heiko Schmidt

Kerstin Gaecklein

Roman Braunhofer (Special Effects Make-up)


Claus Wehlisch

Alexander Berner

Antje Zynga

VFX Supervisor

Erik Schneider


Johnny Klimek & Tom Tykwer


Simone Bär


Volker Bruch

Liv Lisa Fries

Benno Fürmann

Lars Eidinger

Hannah Herzsprung

Fritzi Haberlandt

Karl Markovics

Irene Böhm

Ivo Pietzcker

Ronald Zehrfeld

Meret Becker

Udo Samel

Hans-Martin Stier

Godehard Giese

Christian Friedel

Thorsten Merten

Rüdiger Klink

Hanno Kofler

Jens Harzer

Martin Wuttke

Sebastian Urzendowsky

Mark Ivanir

Moisej Bazijan

Marie Anne Fliegel

Holger Handtke

Saskia Rosendahl

Jördis Triebel

Peter Jordan

Trystan W. Pütter