In 1994 producer Stefan Arndt founded X Filme Creative Pool together with the directors Wolfgang Becker, Dani Levy und Tom Tykwer. Box office successes and highly acclaimed films like Tykwer’s RUN LOLA RUN or Becker’s GOODBYE, LENIN! paved the way for international co-productions such as the Award winning Michael Haneke-films or Tom Tykwer’s and Lana & Lilly Wachowski’s CLOUD ATLAS, the most expensive independent European film of all time.

Since 2000 all films are being distributed by X Verleih and since then X-films are made from the same mould – from conception to production to distribution. A new TV department was founded in 2010. The latest milestone is the production of the TV series BABYLON BERLIN, aimed for international markets.

In addition to the above mentioned X Filme produced among other films SOURCES OF LIFE, AGNES AND HIS BROTHERS (Oskar Roehler), AMOUR, THE WHITE RIBBON (Michael Haneke), 4 DAYS IN MAY (Achim von Borries), MY FÜHRER, GO FOR ZUCKER (Dani Levy), ME & KAMINSKI (Wolfgang Becker), LOVE LIFE (Maria Schrader), THREE (Tom Tykwer) and many more.