House of Promises



The young Vicky Maler (Naemi Florez) comes from the province to the dazzling Berlin of the twenties, which are not only golden, but also marked by great poverty. After a short time she succeeds in what many dream of: she becomes a saleswoman in the newly opened Jonass department store. And not only that: in a dance bar she falls in love with the seemingly penniless pianist Harry (Ludwig Simon). A little later, however, he turns out to be the son of the department store owner Arthur Grünberg (Alexander Scheer) and his wife Alice (Nina Kunzendorf). And so begins a love across social boundaries that will always be impossible. And which nevertheless – or precisely because of this – outlasts all time…
The Jonass becomes a burning glass under which the characters of the series as well as the political events of the time unite in a dramatic way. At the same time, viewers experience a journey into a promising and fairy-tale world in which the characters passionately take their fate into their own hands.

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Filmfest München


Win - Buyer's Coup de Coeur
Production Company

X Filme Creative Pool commissioned by RTL and RTL+

Executive Producer RTL

Brigitte Kohnert

Hauke Bartel


Sherry Hormann (1-6)

Umut Dağ (7-12)


Conni Lubek


Silja Clemens

Holger Joos

Carola M. Lowitz


Cristian Pirjol (1-6)

Xiaosu “Xax” Han, Andreas Thalhammer (7-12)


Andreas Mücke Niesytka

Sound design

Gregor Arnold

Christoph Ulbich

Re-recording mixer

Adrian Baumeister

Production Design

Stephan Gessler (1-12)

Christiane Chaboissier (7-12)

Costume Design

Ute Paffendorf, Fred Fenner

Hair and Make-Up

Kitty Kratschke (1-6)

Inga Raslanaité (7-12)


Bettina Böhler, Florian Drechsler, Raquel Caro Nuñez (1-6)

Harald Aue (7-12)


Henning Fuchs

Casting by

Liza Stutzky


Naemi Florez
Ludwig Simon
Alexander Scheer
Amy Benkenstein
Nina Kunzendorf
Valery Tscheplanowa
Paul Zichner
Samuel Finzi
Gala Othero Winter
Anna Schimrigk
Milena Arne Schedle