The Kangaroo-Chronicles



Marc-Uwe is a struggling musician living in a run-down flat in Berlin-Kreuzberg. One day, the doorbell rings and he stands face to face with a communist Kangaroo. What starts off as an innocent encounter in the hallway turns Marc-Uwe’s life upside down: From now on, the Kangaroo takes the reigns in Marc-Uwe’s flat and gets them both into all sorts of trouble. Despite all obstacles, Marc-Uwe and the Kangaroo become close friends when they are forced to fight a common enemy: Jörg Dwigs, a right-wing politician and investor. Dwigs wants to build his ‘Dwigs-Tower’, the headquarters for his far-right party AZD right next to Marc-Uwe’s apartment building. Together with their neighbors Maria, an IT expert, and her son Jesus as well as Herta, a pub owner, and the Turkish brothers and shop owners Otto and Friedrich-Wilhelm, Marc-Uwe and the Kangaroo choose to resist and fight.

Production Companies

X Filme Creative Pool

in Co-Production with Trixter, ZDF

Executive Producer
Creative Producer

Marc Uwe Kling

Executive Producer
  • Christian Sommer
  • Antonio Exacoustos
  • Joseph M’Barek

Marc Uwe Kling


Filip Zumbrunn

Original Sound

Johannes Hampel

Sound Design & Mixing

Hubert Bartholomae

Production Design

Tim Pannen

Costume Design

Lucie Bates

Hair and Make-Up

Waldemar Pokromski

VFX Supervisor

Jan Stoltz

VFX Producer
  • Marlies Schachterl
  • Franzisca Puppe
Effects & Animation



Niki Reiser

Post Production Producer

Arndt Wiegering

Post Production Supervisor
  • Kenneth Stiller
  • Christopher Berg

Toni Froschhammer

Casting by

Simone Bär

  • Dimitrij Schaad
  • Rosalie Thomass
  • Adnan Maral
  • Tim Seyfi
  • Carmen-Maja Antoni
  • Bettina Lamprecht
  • Henry Hübchen
  • Oskar Strohecker
  • Volker Zack
  • Paulus Manker