Tatort: In der Familie 1+2



Part 1
For Luca Modica (Beniamino Brogi), family is everything. He runs a small pizzeria in Dortmund with his wife Juliane (Antje Traue). Their 16-year-old daughter Sofia (Emma Preisendanz) doesn’t know where the money the family lives on comes from. The restaurant is not doing well, but deliveries come regularly and are reloaded on site. With one delivery, Pippo Mauro (Emiliano de Martino) suddenly shows up. He has committed a murder in Munich. Luca must offer him shelter, the ‘Ndrangheta demands it. After initial hesitation, the two men become closer. Pippo gives Luca new business ideas and he smells big money. At the same time, Juliane urges Luca to finally get out of the illegal business. While Dortmund investigators Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann), Martina Bönisch (Anna Schudt), Nora Dalay (Aylin Tezel) and Jan Pawlak (Rick Okon) observe the Modicas’ restaurant, their Munich colleagues Ivo Batic (Miroslav Nemec) and Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl) travel to Dortmund to arrest Mauro. But the Dortmund police want to find out more about the family’s background organization before they take action.

Part 2
For 16-year-old Sofia Modica (Emma Preisendanz), a world has collapsed. Without her mother, Sofia and her father Luca (Beniamino Brogi) try to find their feet in Munich, far away from Dortmund. Italian entrepreneur Domenico Palladio has taken them and Pippo Mauro (Emiliano de Martino) under his wing. They are all to keep quiet and fly under the radar until events calm down.
But Sofia can’t accept that her mother has disappeared off the face of the earth and seeks the truth about her disappearance. But all the men she is surrounded by remain silent. The mood is testy. It doesn’t take long for Pippo and Luca to make a serious mistake that brings them back to the attention of the police.
The case of the Modica family has also left its mark on the investigators from Munich and Dortmund. Chief detectives Ivo Batic (Miroslav Nemec) and Franz Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl) and their colleague Peter Faber (Jörg Hartmann) do everything they can to remove Sofia from the Mafia’s influence. But Sofia has long since taken a path all her own

Production Company

X-Filme Creative Pool for WDR & BR


Jana Kreutzer

  • Frank Tönsmann (WDR)
  • Dr Stephanie Heckner (BR)
  • Dominik Graf (Part 1)
  • Pia Strietmann (Part 2)

Bernd Lange (Part 1 & 2)

    • Hendrik Kley (Part 1)
    • Florian Emmerich (Part 2)
    • Michael Schlörner (Part 1)
    • Harti Küffner (Part 2)
Production Design
    • Ina Timmerberg (Part 1)
    • Michael Köning (Part 2)
Costume Design
    • Ulrike Scharfschwerdt (Part 1)
    • Sylvia Risa (Part 2)
Hair and Make-up
    • Sonja Fischer Zeyen (Part 1)
    • Sabine Hehnen-Wild (Part 2)
    • Amina Lorenz (Part 1)
    • Bernd Euscher (Part 2)
    • Florian von Volxen (Part 1)
    • Sven Rossenbach (Part 1)
    • Martina Eisenreich (Part 2)
  • Jörg Hartmann
  • Anna Schudt
  • Aylin Tezel (only Part 1)
  • Rick Okon
  • Miroslav Nemec
  • Udo Wachtveitlo
  • Emiliano de Martino
  • Beniamino Brogi
  • Antje Traue (only Part 1)
  • Emma Preisendanz
  • Paolo Sassanelli (only Part 2)
  • Ferdinand Hofer (only Part 2)
  • Valentin Mirow (only Part 2)
  • Florian Brückner (only Part 2)
  • Barbara Romaner (only Partl 2)
  • Thomas Reisinger (only Part 2)
  • Christian Ammermüller (only Part 2)