Tatort: Hochamt für Toni



After years without contact, Chief Inspector Felix Voss (Fabian Hinrichs) is surprisingly called one day by his old friend Marcus Borchert (Pirmin Sedlmeir), who is now a pastor. Marcus invites Felix to the Sunday sermon. He wants to reveal something about Antonia Hentschel. Antonia, called Toni, was Felix’s great love during his student days in Berlin. But the sermon doesn’t happen: Marcus is found murdered shortly before. Still at the crime scene, Felix learns that Toni had taken her own life two years earlier. The local police suspect that Marcus’ murder was a robbery. But Felix believes there is a connection between the two deaths. He begins to investigate on the spot, outside of his jurisdiction. Felix meets Toni’s family, who were also invited to Marcus’ sermon. Toni’s father, Johannes Hentschel (André Jung), is a medium-sized industrialist who has turned his family business into one of the most important suppliers to the auto industry in recent decades. Felix questions not only the parents and brothers, but also Toni’s sister Eva (Sina Martens) and thus penetrates deeper and deeper into the abysses of the Hentschel family. He is supported by Paula Ringelhahn (Dagmar Manzel) and Wanda Goldwasser (Eli Wasserscheid).

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X Filme Creative Pool commissioned by BR

Produced by

Stephanie Heckner


Michael Krummenacher


Bernd Lange


Jakob Wiessner


Roman Schwartz


Karim El Morr


Christian Bischoff

Production Design

Debora Reischmann

Costume Design

Sylvia Risa

Hair and Make-Up

Judith Kröher-Falch

Grit Hildenbrand


Petra Scherer


Ina Meredi Arakelian


An Dorthe Braker


Fabian Hinrichs

Dagmar Manzel

Eli Wasserscheid

Stefan Merki

Sina Martens

André Jung

Marita Breuer

Johannes Allmayer

Sebastian Zimmler

Bernd Regenauer

Pirmin Sedlmeir

George Meyer-Goll

Philipp Franck

Adeline Schebesch