Tatort: Der Tod ist unser ganzes Leben



A year has passed since Batic and Leitmayr officially stopped the search for the murderer of Ben Schröder, who was stabbed to death in front of his wife Ayumi and son Taro. But then, out of nowhere, another similar crime occurs in Munich. A crime without a discernible motive, again without a relationship between the perpetrator and the victim, with the same cruel signature. The nightmare for Batic and Leitmayr seems to continue, though there is a glimmer of hope: miraculously, the victim survives and there are a number of clues to the perpetrator. A suspect is caught, but during a prisoner transport there is an incident, at the end of which there are more deaths. A few days later, Franz Leitmayr is walking along the corridor of a hospital on a crutch. Thoughtfully, he looks through a window at his friend and colleague Ivo Batic, who is lying in a coma hooked up to tubes. In addition, Leitmayr has to justify himself for the mysterious events in an internal investigation committee chaired by Kriminaloberrätin Horn. What really happened? Who shot whom and why? With Kalli’s help, Leitmayr desperately tries to explain an unimagined horror scenario and to find the answer to the question of whether this case is possibly the end of his and Batic’s journey together.

Production Companies

X Filme Creative Pool commissioned by BR


Dr. Stephanie Heckner (BR)


Philip Koch

  • Holger Joos
  • Erol Yesilkaya (Idea)

Jonas Schmager


Harti Küffner

Production design

Oliver Hoese

Costume design

Sylvia Risa

Hair & Make-Up

Udo Riemer


Dirk Göhler

Casting by

Daniela Tolkien


Miroslav Nemec

Udo Wachtveitl

Ferdinand Hofer

Jürgen Tonkel

Luka Omoto

Götz Schulte

Lina Wendel

Gerhard Liebmann

Frederike Ott

Jan Bluthardt