Crooks ltd.



Their dynasty goes back several hundred years. But instead of being noblemen, they’re crooks. Now, after generations of respectable thievery, one family member dares to defect to the enemy: 21-year-old Betty, who’s secretly joined the police force. After all, she knows what criminals think, how they feel and act. Her family’s been supplying new and better criminals for centuries now. The family itself is intact, loving, and follows its own moral codex. The boss is Betty’s dad Bruno; her mother is in charge of the, ahem, “Import/Export” side of the firm. Her brother Robbie prefers hands-on work with female clients, and grandpa Frans still basks in his reputation as King of the Underworld in the wild 70s. The only person Betty can be totally honest with is her best friend Carmen, who gives Betty her unadorned opinion on everything. Betty’s criminal cases often intersect the goings-on of her family, like when drug smugglers hide drugs in the family’s stolen cell phones. Trying to help her family without slipping into illegality and without her family’s knowing anything about her real job is a tall order to fill. But Betty’s so skillful at it that she’d make a great crook herself. It must be in the genes!


Michael Polle

Executive Producer

Bernhard Gleim (NDR)


Annette Strelow (Radio Bremen)


Cristina do Rego

Jophi Ries

Julia Jäger

Peter Franke

Moritz von Zeddelmann

Kaya Marie Möller

Barbara-Magdalena Ahren


Christian Paschmann

Markus Hausen

Production Design

Detlef Provvedi

Costume Design

Astrid Pia Karras

Hair & Make-Up

Simone Schlimm