Sources of Life



Germany 1949: When prisoner of war Erich eventually returns to a fledging new German Republic, he feels like a stranger in his own town. While the milestones of post war-German history are being shaped, we follow the stories of Erich, his children and grandchildren: His estranged wife Elisabeth has a female lover, when Erich, riding the wave of German “Wirtschaftswunder”, establishes a factory for garden gnomes and eventually becomes a wealthy man. Their son Klaus strives to be a writer but his wife Gisela turns out to be a writer much superior to him. Offspring Robert, brought up among “Group 47” literates and sexual liberation, is struggling to find the one and true love in a country run by narcissists, new bourgoisie and former Nazis. And after all, former war prisoner Erich excels and overcomes his initial frustration and bitterness.

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  • Jürgen Vogel
  • Meret Becker
  • Moritz Bleibtreu
  • Kostja Ullmann
  • Lavinia Wilson
  • Sonja Kirchberger
  • Margarita Broich
  • Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht
  • Thomas Heinze
  • Steffen Wink
  • Erika Marozsán
  • Rolf Zacher
  • Leonard Scheicher
  • Lisa Smit
  • Gebhard Henke
  • Barbara Buhl

Carl-Friedrich Koschnick

Oskar Roehler

Production design

Eduard Krajewski

Costume design

Esther Walz



X Filme Creative Pool GmbH

Year of production