Silent Night



A man in Paris, a woman in Berlin. Julia (Maria Schrader), an art student in her late twenties, has been living with Christian (Mark Schlichter), a police detective, for several years. Their relationship has been threatened since Julia fell in love with a young bartender named Frank (Jürgen Vogel), who enjoys making her uncomfortable with provocative sex. Christian flees Berlin over the holidays. He doesn’t want to live without Julia and can’t stand being with her. He sets himself an eight-hour ultimatum to win her back. Julia, alone for the first time, decides to end the affair with Frank. Frank, in turn, considers Christmas Eve a good time to finally confess his love to Julia. In this situation, Christian opens a night of interpersonal abysses with a macabre move. An erotic adventure begins.

Production companies
  • X Filme Creative Pool

in Coproduction with:

  • Palladio Film
Commissioning Editor
  • WDR: Gebhard Henke
  • SF: Martin Schmassmann
  • ARTE: Andreas Schreitmüller

Raoul Grass

Sound Design

Michael Bard

Re-recording mixer

Martin Steyer

Production design

Monika Bauert

Hair and Make-Up
Sabine Liedl

Ingrida Bendzuk


Niki Reiser

  • Maria Schrader
  • Mark Schlichter
  • Jürgen Vogel
  • Ingrid Caven
  • Maurice Lamy
  • Adisat Semenitsch
  • Jenny Lau