Girl On Ice



20-year-old Winja has settled into a remote winter resort in Russia’s snowy northern region to surprise her great love, Andrei, but, in fact, the surprise is on her when she discovers him with his with his wife and baby in tow. Until now she has been completely unaware of their existence. And then again, there is Wsewolod Starych, the filthy rich oligarch and self-styled environmentalist who is also staying at the hotel, but whose worries are of quite a different nature: He plans to shoot a short documentary with an apocalyptic message in the vast snowy expanse, however he is not only dealing with experts. He has also taken it upon himself to protect Winja – in his own (not always entirely legal) way.

X Filme Creative Pool


Benedikt Neuenfels


Daniel Nocke

  • Stefan Arndt
  • Andrea Schütte
Production design

Benedikt Neuenfels

Costume design


Year of production