Tatort: Die Wahrheit



Ben Schröder is stabbed by an unknown man while walking with his family. In broad daylight, in front of his wife Ayumi, his six-year-old son Taro and numerous witnesses. During the interrogations, Batic and Leitmayr discover a bewildering array of truths, as the observations of the eyewitnesses contradict each other. At Maurer’s request, Leitmayr takes over as head of the Soko, but the highly complex police investigation drags on for several months without any results. When Maurer finally dissolves the Soko without catching the perpetrator, Leitmayr’s nerves are on edge. “That son of a bitch is still out there.” He kills without motive. He just feels like doing it. The question of why, which makes Ayumi Schröder despair, runs brutally into the void. Without knowing the truth, the young widow does not want to return to Japan with her son. Almost every day she comes to the police station to make new statements about the crime. An experience that totally pushes Batic and Leitmayr to their emotional limits and a case that pushes the envelope in every respect.

Production company

X Filme Creative Pool im Auftrag vom BR


Michael Polle


Dr. Stephanie Heckner (BR)


Sebastian Marka


Erol Yesilkaya

Willy Dettmeyer


Harti Küffner

Production Design

Maximilian Lange

Costume Design

Sylvia Risa

Hair & Make-Up

Sabine Hehnen-Wild

Dirk Göhler