Tatort: Blut



Blood-red full moon over Bremen. Horrible screams resound through the night until they suffocate in agony. Detectives Lürsen and Stedefreund are faced with a mystery when the body of a young girl is found in the park, her throat torn apart, her body drained of blood. But it’s not what it looks like – or is it? The detective’s common sense wins out. Until Stedefreund gets too close to the perpetrator in his feverish hunt for the truth and, haunted by ominous nightmares of a vampire in Bremen, suddenly disappears himself. Breathlessly, Lürsen must put together the puzzle pieces surrounding the mysterious events to find the key to Stedefreund’s rescue and drag the truth into the glistening light.

Production Company

X Filme Creative Pool


Michael Polle


Annette Strelow

Director & Script

Philip Koch


Jonas Schmager


Urs Krüger

Set Design

Petra Albert

Costume Design

Astrid Pia Karras

Hair & Makeup

Samira Ghassabeh


Friederike Weymar


Michael Kadelbach

  • Sabine Postel
  • Oliver Mommsen
  • Camilla Renschke
  • Matthias Brenner
  • Lilith Stangenberg
  • Cornelius Obonya
  • Lilly Menke
  • Lena Kalisch
  • Helen Barke
  • Alexander Swoboda
  • Volker Muthmann
  • Stephanie Schadeweg
  • Henning Hartmann
  • Christoph Jacobi
  • Stephan Bissmeier
  • Ulrike Knospe
  • Julian Simon
  • Peter Meinhardt
  • Christian Maximilian Neuhof
  • Pauline Kästner