Zwei Herren im Anzug



It is the year 1984 and it is at the end of summer. In the disused dance hall of a once traditional inn on the lake, the innkeeper and farmer Pankraz and his 35-year-old son Semi have just said goodbye to the last guests who had come to the funeral banquet in honor of the deceased wife and mother Theres. Now father and son sit together in enforced fellowship and talk about the past: World War I and II, the Allied occupation, the first tractor, the Cold War, the economic miracle, refugees, student unrest, the family. Everything comes up haltingly and very personally and (for the viewer) visually. Two unknown, smartly dressed gentlemen will accompany them from late afternoon until nightfall as uninvited but insistent cues to her family memories over a period of 70 years.

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Script & Director

Josef Bierbichler

based on the novel “Mittelreich” by Josef Bierbichler


Stefan Arndt & Uwe Schott, X Filme Creative Pool Entertainment

  • Cornelia Ackers & Carlos Gersteinhauser (BR)
  • Sophie Seitz (WDR)
  • Andreas Schreitmüller (ARTE),
  • Monika Lobkowicz (BR / ARTE)
  • Lucky Bird Pictures,
  • Arri Media,
  • X Verleih
Image Composition

Tom Fährmann, BVK

Christof Ebhard


Tschangis Chahrokh

Original Sound

Frank Heidbrink

Set Design

Josef Sanktjohanser

Costume Design

Katharina Ost

Hair & Makeup

Anette Keiser

Timo Kreuser, Kofelgschroa

Production Manager

Karina Ressler, AEA