The Heart is a Dark Forest



A man, a woman, two children: a family. He is a musician. She used to be one until the children came. One day, Marie discovers that not far from where they live, her husband Thomas has set up a second life for himself, a second home with a second family. Marie falls into shock, slowly sinking into her pain by the end of the day. Finally, she is driven by her desperate need for consolation and explanations to seek Thomas at his night concert in an old castle, where there is masked ball. From then on, she embarks on an emotional journey that will lead her to make an unexpected decision.

Some disasters come quietly, slowly creeping up from behind, hitting without warning, and every attempt to survive them, to explain or understand them is like quick sand. It only leads deeper into despair. This is the story of a woman whose seemingly harmonious world falls apart within seconds, leaving behind sharp-edged shards of a life that was lived in denial, and the question of how strong a wife and mother is supposed to be and how weak she is allowed to be.

Production company

X Filme Creative Pool


Tom Tykwer


NDR: Doris J. Heinze


Nicolette Krebitz


Bella Halben

Production design

Christel & Sylvester

Anette Guther

  • Nina Hoss
  • Devid Striesow
  • Marc Hosemann
  • Franziska Petri
  • Otto Sander
  • Monica Bleibtreu
  • Angelika Taschen
  • Jonathan Meese
  • Günther Maria Halmer
Costume design