Tatort: Macht und Ohnmacht



When Carlo Menzinger arrives into the Munich police station where his old friend, Inspector Matteo Lechner is stationed, he finds his former mentor to be quite changed. When Carlo asks him to be best man at his forthcoming wedding, the response is less than enthusiastic. Lechner is, however, in the middle of a case. He and his colleagues are hunting three young men who beat kiosk owner, Latif Kara so badly that he is now in a coma. It is unclear whether the father of three will survive. Now Lechner must release the suspects because of a missing statement. And then another dead body turns up. Carlo’s reunion with his former colleagues, Chief Inspectors Ivo Batic and Franz Leitmayr, is friendly but brief, until, unexpectedly Carlo finds himself once again in the middle of their investigations. As an hotelier from Thailand, he has no influence or police authority, his insight, however, appears indispensable in solving the complicated case.

  • Claudia Simionescu
  • Birgit Metz
  • Miroslav Nemec
  • Udo Wachtveitl
  • Michael Fitz
  • Emilio De Marchi
  • Sascha Alexander Gersak
  • Sonsee Neu
  • Lasse Myhr

Philipp Sichler

  • Dinah Marte Golch
  • Revision: Edward Berger

Michael Polle

Production design

Károly Pákozdy

Costume design

Jürgen Knoll