My Führer



With Hitler still suffering from a nervous breakdown and Germany on the verge of destruction, the remaining Nazi hierarchy decides to recruit the help of a former world-renowned actor to coach the ailing Fuehrer in preparation for his annual speech. The only problem is that the actor in question, Adolf Grünbaum, is a Jew; and he and his family are currently at the notorious concentration camp Sachsenhausen. After some initial reluctance, Grünbaum begins working with Hitler not only on his speech, but also on exorcising the demons of his childhood. Amazingly enough, the Fuehrer is rejuvenated after just a few short days with his coach. But can Grünbaum trust Goebbels and Co. to keep their word and release the prisoners at Sachsenhausen? Of course not! After learning that the death camp is still in operation, our hero realizes that his only hope is to help his wife and children escape from Germany. But how? Fate strikes on the day of the big address when Hitler loses both his mustache and his voice. Now is Grünbaum’s chance to make one final deal. After ensuring that his family will escape Berlin, Grünbaum lends the Fuehrer his voice and delivers the all-important message. But before finishing he takes the time to prophetically warn Germany of its impeding damnation. Bang! And with that, the Nazis eliminate our hero.

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  • Helge Schneider
  • Ulrich Mühe
  • Sylvester Groth
  • Adriana Altaras
  • Stefan Kurth
  • Ulrich Noethen, Lambert Hamel
  • Udo Kroschwald
  • Torsten Michaelis, Axel Werner
  • Victor Schefé
  • Lars Rudolph
  • Wolfgang Becker
  • Bernd Stegemann
  • Carl F. Koschnick
  • Carsten Thiele
Production company

Dani Levy

Production design

Christian Eisele

Costume design

Nicole Fischnaller

A Co-Produktion of Y Filme und X Filme