MONGOL tells the story of the monumental rise of the young Temudgin to one of the most legendary tribal leaders in history: Genghis Khan. In the summer of 1172, Temudgin, son of a khan, finds his great love in the Mongolian girl Borte. A love that will survive years of violence, suffering and death. The kidnapping of Borte by an enemy tribe is like a declaration of war for Temudgin. He goes into a sacrificial fight for his love and recognizes his destiny: He must unite his people as Khan of all Mongols and lead them into a secure future…

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  • Tadanobu Asano
  • Odnyam Odsuren
  • Khulan Chuluun
  • Sun Hong Lei, Basan
  • Aliya, Amadu Mamadakov
  • He Qi
  • Bayartsetseg Erdenebat
  • Amarbold Tuvshinbayar
  • Sergei Bodrov
  • Arif Aliyev
  • Sergei Selyanov
  • Sergei Bodrov
  • Anton Melnik
Production design

Dashi Namdakov

Costume design

Karin Lohr SFK