Max Minsky and Me



Nelly Sue Edelmeister is a skinny thirteen-year-old Berlin school girl with a brain the size of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and a brilliant career in astronomy ahead of her. But that’s before she develops a hopeless crush on handsome Prince Edouard of Luxembourg. And it’s definitely before she meets basketball ace Max Minsky, 15, Nelly’s last hope for making the school team before it heads off to Luxemburg and virtually into Prince Edouard’s arms.

Meanwhile, Mom is pushing Nelly to do the bat mitzvah thing, and her parents are bickering day and night.

A comedy about friendship and family, Royals and klutzes, and how to get into a basketball team without even dribbling — well, almost.

Based on screenwriter Rahlens’ novel Prince William, Maximilian Minsky and Me.

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  • Zoe Moore
  • Emil Reinke
  • Adriana Altaras
  • Jan Josef Liefers
  • Monica Bleibtreu
  • Rosemarie Fendel
  • Hildegard Alex
  • Susanna Simon

Ngo the Chau


Holly-Jane Rahlens, based on her book “Prinz William, Maximilian Minsky und ich”


SAT 1: Kerstin Wiedé

Production design

Uta Schmidt

Costume design

Andreas Olshausen