Lulu and Jimi



It is the time of rock’n’roll in Germany – lust for life and rebellion are in the air. Lulu (Jennifer Decker), the daughter of a bankrupt factory owner’s family, falls in love with the handsome but penniless black man Jimi (Ray Fearon). The conservative small-town environment is horrified, especially Lulu’s mother (Katrin Sass) tries to mobilize the reactionary forces of her friends against the unwanted love: She commands the chauffeur Schultz (Udo Kier) and the doctor von Oppeln (Hans-Michael Rehberg) to prevent their happiness by all means. But Lulu and Jimi won’t let anything and anybody stop them! They live their love on the run, always one step ahead of the pursuers. Until they fall into a trap…

  • Stefan Arndt
  • Denis Booth
  • Oskar Roehler
  • Christian Pape
  • Marc Rothemund
  • Jennifer Decker
  • Ray Fearon
  • Katrin Sass
  • Rolf Zacher
  • Udo Kier
  • Hans-Michael Rehberg
  • Bastian Pastewka
  • u.v.a.
  • NDR: Doris J. Heinze, Daniela Mussgiller
  • BR. Bettina Reitz, Bettina Ricklefs
  • WDR.Gebhard Henke, Wolf-Dietrich Brücker
  • ARTE: Andreas Schreitmüller, Patricia Seutin Bardou
  • Sperl + Schott Film
  • X Filme Creative Pool
  • Elzévir Film
  • EMC Filmproduktion

Oskar Roehler

Production design

Eduard Krajewski

Costume design

Bigitt Kilian