Little Thirteen



Teenagers Sarah and Charlie spend their days hanging around, meeting guys and having random sex they confuse with love. Then Sarah meets Lukas in a chat room and for the first time in her life she seriously falls in love: Lukas is not the kind of bold and reckless guys Sarah fell for in the past. But the allegedly sensitive boy and his buddy Diggnsäck are far from being different: They are only using the girls for getting drugs. When Lukas suddenly realizes that he has feelings for Sarah too, things are getting really mixed up.

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  • Muriel Wimmer
  • Antonia Putiloff
  • Joseph Bundschuh
  • Isabell Gerschke
  • Philipp Kubitza
  • Gerdy Zint
  • Gisa Flake
  • Chiron-Elias Krase
  • Catrin Lüth
  • Andrea Schütte
  • Stefan Arndt
Production design

Johanna-Marie Wimmer

Costume design

Jessica Braun

X Filme Creative Pool GmbH