Learning to Lie



Marco and Melanie, a young married couple, are living a life of passion, with chaotic situations, and all the little frustrations of daily life. Their love for each other is like a beacon in the storm. But career pressure, burned toast and dirty laundry erode any feelings of tenderness, and they never seem to find enough time for their six-year-old son, Benny. Their world is about to fall apart when Melanie moves out, taking Benny with her. She files for divorce, and Marco makes a decision that will change all their lives. It is as if he has suddenly discovered his love of fatherhood.

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Production Company

X Filme Creative Pool

  • Fabian Busch
  • Susanne Bormann
  • Fritzi Haberlandt
  • Sophie Rois
  • Anka Lea Sarstedt
  • Birgit Minichmayr
  • Florian Lukas
  • Beate Abraham
  • Winfried Dziallas
  • Tino Mewes
  • Sebastian Münster
  • André Meyer
  • Heinz Schubert
  • Uwe Rohde
  • Jean-Pierre Cornu
  • Hendrik Handloegten
  • Frank Goosen (Romanautor)

Wilms Brothers

Sound design

Stefan Soltau

Re-recording mixer

Hubert Bartholomae

Production design

Lucia Faust

Costume design

Yesim Zolan

Hair and Make-Up

Friderike Weber

Susanne Woerle – Jiritano


Elena Bromund


Dieter Schleip

Casting by

Nessie Nesslauer