A Witch’s Kiss



A beautiful witch in modern-day Berlin makes a pact with the Devil to become the ideal sorceress. All she has to provide the Master of Evil in return is someone’s soul. Having found a perfect candidate, she prepares the womanizing tabloid reporter for the demonic ritual. The only problem is, just before the Prince of Darkness can claim his prize, the witch falls in love with her victim! The question remains, whether theirs will be a match made in Heaven or just one hell of a breakup…

  • Kerstin Höckel
  • Michael Wallner
  • Christiane Paul
  • Wotan Wilke Möhring
  • Katja Riemann
  • Luca Zamperoni
  • Matthias Habich u.v.a.

Theo Angell


X Filme Creative Pool GmbH in coproduction with SAT1


Manuela Stehr

Production design

Anina Diener

Costume design

Bettina Helmi