Doktor Ballouz



Amir Ballouz, head physician of a small clinic in the Uckermark region, is no ordinary doctor. A wrinkled trench coat, sandals, a Trabbi that is far too small for him and, above all, his big heart when dealing with patients are his trademarks. Together with his team, he provides medical care in the deserted but idyllic countryside that is the Uckermark. As a young man he fled his homeland and got stuck exactly there. Out of love for his wife Mara, but also for the land and its people. He spends most of his time in the hospital with his patients. Especially since his wife Mara is no longer with him. Since then he works even more. Often until late at night. The patients’ cases are always about much more than small or large physical ailments. They are about love, loyalty, loss, loneliness and hope. About strong emotions.

Production Company

X Filme Creative Pool

Produced by

Jana Kreutzer

  • Bastian Wagner
  • Anna Ellmann

Andreas Menck

  • Conni Lubek
  • Kerstin Laudascher
  • Silja Clemens
  • Julian Landweer
  • Christof Wahl

Andreas Walther

Production Design

Jurek Kuttner

Costume Design

Gitti Fuchs

Hair and Make-Up
  • Irmela Osswald
  • Judith Müller
  • Claudia Klook
  • Julia Dupuis
  • Mark Broszeit

Boris Bojadzhiev

Music Supervisor

Kai Schoormann

  • Merab Ninidse
  • Julia Richter
  • Nadja Bobyleva
  • Vincent Krüger
  • Clelia Sarto